Emmanuel Baptist Church School

Home of the Crusaders



As your childs' first teacher, you play a big part in how well your son or daughter does in school.

The school is just an extension of the home and a supplement to their training.  It is very important that the basic beliefs, ideals and values of the home and school are in agreement.



The Emmanuel Baptist Church School was founded by Pastor Richard Ross, Jr., in August 1995. EBCS is a ministry of the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Lebanon, Ohio. From the beginning, the school has been founded upon Biblical beliefs.


 The Emmanuel Baptist Church School was born out of Biblical conviction that an education based on evolution and secular humanism without Christ and the Bible was inadequate, wrong and contrary to the commands of Christ. Therefore, the members of the Emmanuel Baptist Church founded the Emmanuel Baptist Church School as a faith ministry of the church in obedience to God, to help the parents of the church in carrying out their God given responsibilities.

EBCS  is a ministry of the Emmanuel Baptist Church, therefore, it is not subject to state control and does not want state approval. It is clearly manifest that state certification is not a guarantee of quality education. 

EBCS legally operates within the state’s provision for non-tax supported, truly religious schools. We meet the Board of Education requirements for such schools, for curriculum, professional staff, and attendance.


The mission of our school is to provide a quality and Christ-centered education and environment in such a way that students will want to live their lives to glorify God.