EBCS Dress Code

EBCS Dressy Casual


  • Dress skirt or dress (knee-length or longer)
  • Blouse (high neckline, no spaghetti straps unless covered by a jacket)
  • Dress shoes (no flip-flops or backless sandals)


  • Dress shirt or Polo
  • Tie (optional, unless stated otherwise)
  • Dress pants or Khakis
  • Dress shoes or clean athletic shoes

EBCS Casual


  • School uniform khaki skirt
  • Jean skirt (must be knee length or longer)
  • EBCS black gym shorts
  • School uniform polo or
  • Crusader Spirit Wear shirts


  • Jeans (no holes)
  • School uniform khakis
  • School uniform polo or
  • Crusader Spirit Wear shirts

*Boys are ONLY allowed to wear shorts for gym class. Shorts are not acceptable casual attire.

EBCS School Uniform

All students must wear EBCS approved uniforms during class.  There are no exceptions.  Our uniforms can only be purchased from Education Outfitters in Cincinnati. For more information, please visit the Educational Outfitters page located under the Forms & Resources tab on our school website.


Students are not permitted to wear flip-flops or any sandals with no back for safety purposes.  Any shoes with a back are allowed.


During class students must put coats and/or jackets up in the appropriate area of their classroom.  Students are only allowed to wear EBCS Spirit Wear during class.


EBCS Spirit Wear tshirt or gray P.E. shirt

EBCS gym shorts (girls shorts must be knee-length)

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